Media Release: TFC Update

Yes, we are finally at the point of arrival. Thanks for your patience and support.


The last couple of months have been devoted to many shifts in schedule, planning and a little legalese making way for this moment. Such developments made way for greater opportunities in realising a full featured version of our original show concept. We are very grateful.


We can now launch the original Coast and Outback episodes while in production of the more evolved, follow-on series. It’s been a slightly more involved process than we had anticipated, but well worth the adventure. We truly can’t wait for the series to start streaming, so we can share it with you.


From the inception of our Travelling Family Circus Adventure Show, we wanted a fun, relate-able, informative series of shows, freely available for every family to watch, learn, find mild amusement and interact with. In a few days, that vision begins it’s reality.


The follow-on series will commence streaming in a few months time.


There will be plenty of goodies for you to watch, read and interact with in the mean-time on the Travelling Family Circus homepage; check out our Coast and Outback episodes and don’t miss the ‘Side-Shows’, exclusive to


The website will be rolled out over three weeks. Make sure to whiz-by regularly to see what’s up.


We will continue to respond to as many of your enquiries and emails as possible between show production responsibilities. We always love to hear from, learn more about, and receive feedback from you. Keep letting us know what you’d like to see from Travelling Family Circus. We’ll always give you our best.


We look forward to meeting many of you on-the-road whilst we are filming the latest shows; and never forget


“… that life is, the greatest show on earth!”


Keeping adventuring, creating memories, and discovering this amazing country!