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Forest Glen Resort, Sunshine Coast QLD

Situated on the Sunshine Coast in QLD, Forest Glen resort is a play-land for kids and a relaxation paradise for parents! It is so green and leafy, surrounded by rain-forest and garden landscaped park land.

While Forest Glen Resort is within close proximity to all the famous tourist attractions on the Gold Coast, like Australia Zoo and the Glass House Mountains, we suggest that you put aside a day to simply relax at the resort. There is so much to do without leaving the premises. Our day of fun and relaxation started off with a bounce on the jumping pillow. Make sure you get your kids on there early though, as there’s no shade or protection over the jumping pillow. Although allowing for sun protection will help, the hot canvas can burn their feet. Not to worry though as there is shade in the later afternoon. In our experience, there were groups of boisterous, though friendly, older kids and young adults on there, so it was a bit too intimidating for our littles.

After all that jumping fun, we went for a swim. Our family loved the pool with its giant water slide! Confession; actually Aaron and I had our moment hogging the giant slide …sorry boys! There is also a heated spa to relax in, which is a fantastic way to soothe those aching muscles after all the frantic fun. There is also a kiosk there for all your icecream, drinks and snacking needs!

After lunch we headed off for a game of Mini Golf and giant chess! The giant chess game was a bit hit and miss; some of the pieces were broken with heads missing. Not a real issue, the kids still had fun! They even used themselves as chess pieces! We found that made for a pretty hilarious game….not that we really knew how to play!

There is an outdoor evening cinema on the premises too. After eating such a delicious dinner at Jampas, the on-site restaurant, the kids were falling asleep! They’d had such a big day, so we gladly put them to bed. Now, a big question on many a parent’s mind when on holidays is “what do we do if it rains”? Well, Forest Glen resort also has an indoor cinema AND a games room! Perfect!

There are a number of accommodation options at Big 4 Forest Glen Holiday Resort, from Non-powered camp sites through to cabins and 4 star Suite accommodation. We stayed in a family cabin and found it to be very comfy. We had our own kitchen, well appointed, so that was great. A TV, DVD player and a comfy lounge. We had a queen sized bed in 1 room, our 2 eldest boys had the bunk beds and a trundle bed for our 5 year old. The bathroom was modern and clean. An issue some families may have is that the bathroom was interconnected between the parent’s room and the kid’s bedroom. Other than an external door to the veranda, this was the only way in and out of the kid’s room. This may pose a problem for families who have kids that are light sleepers because every time you use the bathroom, you have to try and shut the kid’s sliding bedroom door to avoid waking them up, which can in turn, end up waking them anyway! Forest Glen do offer other configurations for their suites and cabins though; just make sure to ask them when making your reservation if you feel this may be an issue for you. Our kids sleep pretty well – so we were happy.

See below for the details of our stay and please, always remember to check the web site for current prices and options that suit you best.

The Standard Villa for 1 – 2 people is $164.00 – $245.00 (depending on time of year)
Extra Adult – $25.00 – (Adult 16 years and over)
Extra child – $20.00 – (Child 2 years to 15 years inclusive)

Thanks for stopping by. If you have any questions about our stay or have stayed at the Big4 Forest Glen Hoilday Resort too, we would love to hear from you!

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