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We love to tell a great visual story. You will see our stories are forever evolving, the sets are constantly changing – there are always challenges broadening our mind-sets and various obstacles we have to face. We love to experience new and exciting places, stay in all forms of accommodation, and do what ever it takes to get there! One thing though, is always a constant; Yes, that would be us – we’re that Aussie film-making family known affectionately by friends and loved-ones alike, as Travelling Family Circus. We like to share the love, putting an optimistic, amusing, happy-go-lucky stamp wherever we tread.


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We are thrilled to have you along and hope that you might consider running away and joining the circus with us each episode! Get your Free-Pass to our online shows here as we aim to inspire with unique stories of places to see, things to do and moments to encounter. We believe that every family deserves the truly joyous and remarkable adventure that discovering this wonderful country rewards.


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This fresh, new travel-style show is ever evolving; Our greatest aim is to connect people all over the world with the wonder, excitement and adventure that exploring this amazing continent with loved-ones has to offer.


Our Philosophy


Happiness comes in many forms and manifests in different ways, unique for everyone. For us, we love to film and share shows that reflect the journey and experiences we are creating for ourselves as a family – you know, capturing all the important stuff. The memorable moments that have touched our lives are the true reward of our family adventures and travel.


Who Watches Us?


From the young, all the way through to the ‘not-so-young’, our viewers are inquisitive and longing for current insight on the best destinations – what it’s like and what’s worth doing there. Some of our viewers are full time family travellers, while others are planning that aspect of lifestyle for their future. Others, whilst being fulfilled and happy with their daily lives, are searching for new ideas and inspiration – planning their weekend get-aways or yearly road trips. For others, who may not be able to travel for a variety of reasons – enjoy the vicarious adventure through our discoveries, insights and light entertainment.


When we were growing up as kids, TV was a one way monologue. All we could do is sit back and listen. Now, thanks to online communities, we can talk to each other and have a conversation. We love to hear from you and listen to your stories too. We always welcome suggestions on places to visit. We encourage you to interact with us and become a virtual member of this crazy circus! Do you have a specific place you’ve always wanted to learn more about, weighing up the options before you commit to visiting? We welcome your recommendations and suggestions. We believe this cyber circus show serves best when it’s interactive, so we encourage all members to share in our public travelling gallery, leave comments and messages. We love to receive emails too.


Our Dream was Simple


The strategy; work hard running our production business, have a family and travel. We are very lucky to be able to combine each of these factors into a lifestyle that suits us. For us, it’s about creating a life for our family… not about escaping one. We personally want to teach our children how to discover their authentic selves; that life is not a mould you have to somehow fit into to keep everyone else happy. It is not about fitting into society’s ideal. YOU create the life that you want to live because happiness and authenticity are life’s most important ingredients. That way, life evolves with all the right choices for you and your family. Everything flows from there and a monumental life journey is naturally found. And yes, you are correct – it’s less about a destination, and more about the evolving journey. It takes patience and time. Like ‘they’ say, when you have a dream, you are already half way there. Combined with determination, a plan, and a lot of consistent work, you will get there. We are still working at achieving our complete dream. It’s a steady process, and one that leaves us waking up in the morning feeling euphoric over the possibilities that inspiration and effort brings.


I, Jules, will be upfront in saying that I am not a literary word-smith and would never dream of putting the word “expert” in the same sentence as “camper”….ehhh… except for just then! But we can wield cameras and production equipment with finesse and weave a great visual story; portraying all the wondrous, amazing, amusing and life-changing moments experienced when we visit places on our travels.


About us –


We are Jules and Aaron Davenport and we are travelling film makers based in the Blue Mountains, NSW. We have 3 little guys, Bazzy (short for Sebastian), Aido (Aussie for Aiden ), and Saxon (you may hear us slip and call him “ Noogie” or “ Noogs” from time to time because the then, 2 year old Aido, hilariously “renamed” him on the day he was born….it kinda stuck.) Aaron and I have known each other fifteen years and have run a business together for fourteen. I started off as Aaron’s make-up artist and assistant photographer. Aaron is a master cameraman and I am constantly in awe of his talent and abilities. He often doubles as our sound man, given his experience and background extending into sound engineering and working as a producer. My creative background as a qualified artist has merged into the electronic world where I tirelessly and happily entertain myself editing our shows and images ( I see it like an art-work) with the aim of inspiring and motivating viewers to go out and create more life-enhancing adventures too.


Ready to Meet the Team

Jules - Discover Australia with Travelling Family Circus

Mummy Circus


Aerz - Discover Australia with Travelling Family Circus

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Camp Barista


Comic Relief


Our mission:


To entertain and connect families with the greatest destinations, experiences and life inspiring discoveries that this amazing country has to offer. We’d also really like to help you realise your travel and adventure dreams, from weekend adventures to hitting the road full time. The possibilities are endless, and all totally achievable.


We started our family in the fast-pace of suburban living. We juggled babies and cameras on set ’til preschool and school became a thing, and realised that that particular lifestyle, was not OUR thing. Traffic and other daily grinds sucking the very energy from our souls… ok. Bit dramatic! …but don’t tell me you don’t get it … well, at least occasionally!


We started making our weekends more memorable by taking the kids on wildlife adventures in the nearest National Parks and then, because our family has quite the obsession with animals, we extended those day trips to over-night stays so we could go to various zoos and natural history museums. By the time Saxon came along, we were doing month long road trips down the east coast of Australia to Tazzie and back! We would pile in the car at the crack of dawn – if we heard on the weather report that it had snowed – and head off on a winter-wonderland adventure. We MAY have allowed the kids an “activity-day” sometimes to do it, but we are responsible home-schoolers now and besides, it’s much much worse for all concerned when you DON’T jump up and seize every opportunity that life literally throws in front of you. Now THAT is the basis of homeschooling 101 right there. Our family finds that a first-hand ‘world-education’ works for us, in place of more vicarious options – like an interactive whiteboard presentation.


We hope our shows can serve as a vehicle, or ‘piece’ in the puzzle – to help fuel, motivate and inspire more life-inspiring pursuits, adventures and experiences gained from discovering Australia – and even better – with people that you love.


Love to all xoxoxx


See you out there.


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